BOL (Avocado) Burst Programmable MOSFET Device For AEG/ERG/EBB (1~12rd/30rd) BOL-BURST-CT

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Model No. : BOL-BURST-CT

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-Item Weight (gram): 50
-Major Color: Other
-Manufacturer: BOL

Production Description    
-BOL (Avocado) Burst Programmable MOSFET Device for AEG/ERG/EBB (1~12rd/30rd) 
-Add "burst function" to virtually any Airsoft AEG in seconds! This unit is environmental, it conserves bullets for high rate of fire guns, acts as a MOSFET to regulate your power source and more! There is simply nothing like it! Many shooters would argue that burst firing is the most green, tactical and economical feature on a rifle. 
-MOSFET Device (1~12 / 30 Rounds) 
-Small in size: 45 x 17 x 8mm 
-User-friendly: In-line programmable - user can program the AEG at any moment by just using the "trigger" 
-"SUPER EASY" installation in seconds! Plug it in your gun just like how you plug in your battery! Simple drop-in installation with absolutely no soldering required. 
-Turns the "Full Auto" function on your AEG into "3~12 round burst" firing mode 
-Programmable continuous shoot mode of 30 round burst 
-Equipped with up-to-data power MOSFET technology 
-Active breaking technology employed 
-Beep tones are available for programming confirmation and battery-low indication 
-Self-adjust battery status to suit various types of batteries 
-Life Time Limited Warranty 
-Operating Voltage: 7.2-12.0V 
-Maximum continous current: 65Amp 
-Recommended operating battery type: NiMH 7~10 cells; Li-po 2~3 cells 
-Programmable "Burst" Mode: 1 to 12 shots 
-Programmable "continuous" mode: 30 shots 
-Battery Low Detection: 6.6V & 9.9V

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